10 Things You Didn’t Know About Window Shutters

Many people will have seen window shutters, even just in pictures. They are extremely popular in Europe, parts of America and the UK. Shutters are growing even more popular with those looking for an alternative to curtains or blinds, as they look 10 times better.

Talking of tens, here are 10 things you didn’t know about wonderful window shutters!

1. They can save you money

Window shutters don’t just look good; they can save you money too. These clever window coverings can trap the heat in your home when you need it the most, by stopping drafts. They can also keep your property cool in the summer by being able to block out the burning sun. This means you can save vital pennies on your energy bills for both heating and cooling!

2. They deter thieves

It’s a fact that by having window shutters you have an extra piece of security in your home. They are completely lockable which means that no one is going to try and get their hand in there. If they do, then by the time they have got through the shutters somebody would have heard the noise by then!

3. They can raise your home valuation

Due to their energy saving ways, plus the fact they look great, window shutters can actually raise the value of your home. Many people will find them aesthetically pleasing and will love the added security and privacy that you get from them

4. Window shutters are also called plantation shutters

If, when searching for window shutters, you find a load of results for plantation shutters then never fear; they are the same thing! It can cause a lot of confusion as some people aren’t sure whether there is a difference between the two. They are actually the same, just with two different names.

5. There are nearly 20 different shapes and styles of shutter

Those with oddly shaped windows might think that getting window shutters is completely out of the picture for them. This isn’t the case at all! There are so many different shapes and styles of shutter that you’ll be able to find something for that annoyingly arc shaped window in the bathroom. Not only that, but some companies will even custom-make a window shutter for your particular window.

Window Shutters

6. They are good for the environment

It has already been noted what a positive impact they will have on your bank balance, but window shutters are good for the environment too. Because you are using less energy in your home (to heat or to cool. you’ll be doing your bit in the fight against carbon footprints. Less fossil fuels being consumed means a smaller carbon footprint and a ‘greener’ way of living.

7. Window shutters are easy to install

Believe it or not, window shutters are actually really easy to install! Some people run a mile from shutters and opt for curtains instead, as all they need to do is put up a curtain pole. Actually, most window shutters will come the holes you need pre-drilled and so it is a case of just fixing them to your wall. Just like you would a curtain pole!

8. Shutters can protect your home from hurricanes

Not just hurricanes, but all sorts of adverse weather conditions. When debris is flying in the air, there is a chance of it hitting and cracking a window. You can find a whole range of window shutters that are specially designed for hurricanes and made from strong wood or even metal!

9. Some window shutters are just for display

Have you ever walked past a house in Europe and thought their window shutters look very pretty? In a lot of cases, they are just for display! You’ll find that they do not open or close at all and are just fixed to the wall to make the home look pretty. That’s very good and all but surely they’re missing out on all of the actual benefits of a shutter?

10. They can make your neighbour very jealous!

There’s nothing better than making that annoying next door neighbour jealous, especially if they have a nicer garden/car/front door than you. Stylish shutters will ensure that your house looks the nicest on the road.


Who knew there was so much to learn about window shutters? Of course, the benefits to installing these window coverings are great, especially if you want to make the neighbour jealous! Just make sure you invest in some that are actually functional and not just decorative!

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