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“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” –Charles M. Schulz

If you have ever visited any home improvement store before, you will notice how there is an array of various and countless home decorating items—all from modern, traditional, classic to vintage. The multitude of options for home decorating items is definitive of the need of every homeowner to give his or her very own home its own distinct personality. One of the ways to give your home a touch of character and design is to make use of the wall and door space.

However, renters and people living in apartments alike would hesitate at the thought of drilling holes in the walls, moldings or doors. Fortunately, there are other ways you can decorate and organize sans a driller. So, regardless of whether you are living in a unit in Avida Towers new manila for rent or have strict rules imposed on you by your landlord; you can still give your home that touch that would be uniquely you.

1. Brick Clips

Brick Clips

If you happen to live on one of those apartments or condos with an exposed brick wall, then you are incredibly lucky. Brick walls provide an avenue for creative expression through the endless design options you can do. Think of your brick wall as a blank space. Where you can attach just about anything from personal artworks made, photo frames and even drawings by the kids—all with the help of brick clips.

2. 3M Command Hooks

3M Command Hooks

You can easily find and purchase 3M command hooks from any bookstore or hardware store. Hooks are available in either clear, plastic or metal finishes. They are perfect not just for decorating, but they are fantastic for organization as well. You can use these hooks to hang towels, bags, jewelry and the like. And the best part? When it is time to remove them the adhesive material does not leave any residue on your walls.

3. Poster Putty

Poster Putty

Poster putties do not only belong in classrooms and offices, but they are perfect for decorating your homes as well. Back in the day, this handy adhesive material was what teenagers used to put their favorite posters up on walls without having to drill nails into walls. Similarly, you can use it to display lightweight picture frames or small canvas artwork on your walls. Make sure to hang only lightweight materials as it is made to support only lightweight items, anything more might overwhelm it.

4. Shoes Bags

Shoes Bags

Vertical spaces are often neglected and ignored, but in fact, they have a lot of storage potential. With the simple addition of a hanging vinyl or fabric shoe bag attached to the back of your door; you can store anything from shoes, hand tools, toiletries, crafting items, etc. If your doors are full, you can hang them on one section of the wall and start storing away.

5. Straight Pins

Straight Pins

Straight pins may be something you associate with tailoring and sewing, but amazingly these little things can actually hold wall art. Just push one into your wall and leave as little of the pin sticking out as possible. And your wall is ready for artwork hanging, frames hanging as heavy as bit of few pounds. Pins, when pulled out, would not leave any noticeable sign that it was ever there making this a great alternative to drilling nails into your walls.

6. Corkboards and Display Easels

Corkboards and Display Easels

Break the mold by displaying paintings, lithographs and drawings on the floor instead of the wall. To give it a sophisticated and artistic touch by propping it on a display easel in a corner. Similarly, you can prop a corkboard on the display easel. And pin things such as personal artworks or things to do on it. You can even use it as an alternative hanging space by attaching push pins. Where you can hang small items such as jewelry from. The best thing about displaying your artwork or decor from a display easel stand is that you can easily move it around the room anytime and as you please.

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