8 Simple Rules for Decorating Any Type of Living Room

Decorating one’s home is a primary responsibility by all homeowners, but since some people are too busy with their regular work, doing the legwork by themselves may be too much. This is why they hire professional interior designers to work for them.

For owners who want to go hands on, then knowing simple rules when redecorating your living room will help you get started. Take a quick look of the list.

decorating living room

1. Brainstorm with the other people living in your house.

This method is a no-brainer. Unless you’re living alone in your house, it’s always advisable to ask the other residents of their suggestions. This will not only give you more decorating ideas but will also make your members more involved in the process. Discussing options with them will make it easier to cross out ideas that are not compatible with your preference and budget.

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2. Always consider the available space.

In as much as how you wish to have the full freedom of decorating your living room; the available space act as a control mechanism. Smaller spaces can only cater to minimal furniture compared to those with wide vacant space.

When planning your living room design, make sure to consider what things will fit on a particular spot and what not.

3. Be specific on a theme or appearance you wish to achieve.

Adding some form of personality on your living room is vital in making you feel more at home. This is why it’s also important to be specific on your design preference. Would you love to have a minimalist look in your living room or will something floral-inspired be more awesome?

Being specific on this aspect makes it easier to choose for corresponding furniture later on.

4. Make a list of the sets of furniture you want to place on the available space.

After selecting the theme, the next step would be to add the missing pieces you wish to fill the vacant space. Items such as a complete sound system, television set and sofa set are the most common inclusions.

Others want to do away with the sound equipment to provide more space for their book shelves. Create a list of the necessary items you want to include and see which of them could fit well in your place.

5. Create a breakdown of the potential expenses and cross reference it with your budget.

As soon as you have the initial list of items you wish to purchase; your next task is to assess how much will all of them cost and check if your budget is capable of buying them all. It would help if you start canvassing from different trusted shops so you’ll have more options in case you need to compromise with your budget.

There are shops that sell quality items at more affordable cost compared to those sold out in malls. Take some time to ask how much is their price offer for the material you’re planning to buy.


6. Find good lamps or lighting fixtures.

Lighting matters because they provide the proper illumination necessary for your living room. There are tons of available options in the market. You could go for chandeliers, huge lamp shades and even fluorescent.

All of these variations have different quality and their electricity consumption also vary. Do a quick search online to know their difference or ask some of your trusted friends for their recommendations.

7. Pay extra attention to rugs.

Rugs or carpets are technically optional and many modern household stay away from using this because of the maintenance and difficultly in cleaning.

However, it’s also undeniable how these rugs can add beauty and warmth to your living room especially if you are fond of padding barefoot along the area. Select those rugs that are both easier to clean and are comfortable against your feet.

Design would also matter and depending on your living room’s theme; you may or may go for those minimalist types with one dominant color or those variations with various colors and patterns drawn all over.

accesories home design

8. Choose the add-on accessories wisely.

Lastly, select accessories wisely. Accessories are those things that are not necessary but will look great as a complementary tool for the rest of your furniture. Popular items in this category include paintings, vases and coffee table.

If you’re living in one of the condo in Taguig, then beautifying your place’s interior to fit the modern lifestyle is essential.

Maximize your stay in your home by making it comfortable and conducive for relaxation. Your living room is a favorite place to hang out with your family during your leisure moments so make sure it’s got the best ambiance to cater your needs.

Should you need any design ideas to jump-start the process; feel free to draw out some inspiration from sample designs online!

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