8 Tips for Packing and Moving Furniture

Moving is an exciting time in your life. You have so much to look forward to in your new home, including decorating and exploring the new home and city in which you live. However, before you can start enjoying your new city and your new home, you have to pack and move your furniture and other belongings.

A new home doesn’t feel like home until your favorite couch and your personal items are there for you to use. Since packing and moving furniture isn’t really something most people consider exciting, here are eight tips that will help you make the process easier.

Packing Delicate Items

  • Electronics are among the most expensive items you own, which makes them some of the most valuable materials when it comes to moving. To ensure that they are packed safely before your move place them in their original boxes. If you save them, it makes packing them and moving them much easier.
  • You can pick up specialty boxes at packing stores that you can place your glassware and china in to keep it safe during a move. These boxes are specially designed to help the contents stay safe during any move.
  • Mirrors are difficult to pack because they are so large. To prevent glass from shattering you can place masking tape on the glass in a starburst design. This helps prevent shattering if a mirror is dropped or pushed up against something stronger than itself.
  • Always label boxes very clearly. If a box contains fragile items, mark the box with the word fragile. This helps to prevent the contents of the box from being handled roughly. Use a red marker to write on fragile boxes to ensure that the warning label is not missed.

Packing and Moving Furniture

  • Take furniture apart. Disassembling items means taking out drawers and removing as many pieces as possible to make the furniture as light and safe as possible. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to wrap drawers and other pieces of furniture in protective layers to prevent them from becoming scratched, dented, or destroyed.

Moving Delicate Items

  • Never try to move heavy items such as antique furniture and mirrors alone. Always have assistance when it comes to moving heavy items so that you don’t hurt yourself or your items in the move. Hiring movers in advance is a great solution. Professional movers know the best ways to move heavy and fragile furniture.
  • Store items in the moving truck in safe places. Mirrors are easily damaged in a move. This means they should be stored in moving trucks between protective items such as mattresses and their box springs. Heavy furniture should be wrapped in protective wrap and loaded into the truck first. Small electronics and other delicate items do better in the trunk of your car or in the backseat of your car when you are moving.
  • Use assistance moving furniture whenever possible. A dolly is a great source of help because it allows you to easily push heavy furniture from the house to the moving truck and into the new house without damaging it, dropping it, or accidentally injuring someone. Most moving companies provide dollies, but if you plan on moving without assistance you can usually rent one to assist you with the move. It is wise to have people help you load things onto it, however.

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David - November 16, 2012

Great tips for packing. We always recommend not just planning how you pack boxes but how you pack the boxes and other items in our trucks.

John - December 29, 2012

Great tips – especially about packing electronics in their original boxes. If you’ve got an attic or garage with some available space, pack the boxes away and forget about them until you need them. Also with antiques – don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help! You don’t want your antique dresser to get scratched because you thought you could handle it on your own.


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