DIY Sink and Drain Repairs

Plumbing can be a hard task to deal with, especially when something breaks down and you need to fix it. The following plumbing repair tips will give you some ideas you can use when you fix drainage problems:

  • Plumbing has a way of ridding waste through various pipes and vents, but sometimes things may need extra help to keep them operational. The plumbing vents will expel sewer gases from openings on the roofs of apartment buildings and homes. When a fixture in the sewage pipe becomes blocked, this will lead to a number of problems, unpleasant odors being the least of which. If something like this occurs, you will need to check all your drains and sinks and see whether they need to be repaired or not. If you have a problem that stems from somewhere deeper, you would do well to look for professional plumbing services.
  • If a drain has its water moving too slowly, then you may need to unclog it by using a chemical drain cleaner. These are however quite caustic and harsh, so you may need to pay careful attention to older pipes. It is quite dangerous for your skin and clothes alike, so you would do well to avoid the harsher chemicals whenever you can. Sometimes you will need to work with a plunger before you move on to using chemicals, as using a plunger when the chemicals are in will be dangerous for you and your skin.
  • You can also use your plunger to unclog almost any drain with ease. It may not be the most advanced method of dealing with unclogging, but it will work out in most cases. Hair blockage can be a far more difficult task, so you would do well to find a different solution, such as using a wire or a straightened wire coat hanger to remove any blockage from the drain, such as hairballs and so forth. Pop up drains can also collect debris and hair, so you will need to ensure they are clean as often as you can.
  • You can also make use of a hydraulic bladder and garden hose combination if you want to create a strong flow inside the drain so you can blast the blockage free. You can also use a drain snake if you want to have tangible results. Use the snake on a branch of you plumbing system where the clot actually is, such as the pope connecting to the floor.
  • If any o these methods fail to have any results, then you will need plumbing professionals to complete the task. Something else worth remembering is that clog prevention is fairly easy in most cases. All you need to do is flush hot water down the drain if you want to achieve results in the long run. This will allow the melting of oily fats in the kitchen sink, as well as any soap scum in most cases. Strainers can also do a great job at keeping most hard stuff away, as well as rings, utensils and other small objects you can lose down the drain if you’re not careful.

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