Five Tips to The Right Way of Furniture Moving

No matter whether it is your home or office, you need essential furniture items at the least to function properly. That is why you must be very vigilant about furniture moving when planning your move. Most of the furniture items are heavy by nature and therefore special strategies are required to follow for a safer and methodical furniture transport.

Considering the size, weight and the value of furniture items, moving them by yourself is not the best thing to try if you don’t have enough experience, equipment and resources. Handling heavy furniture without following precautions can be difficult, stressful and extremely dangerous. Mentioned herewith are some of the tips you should know before starting your moving process.

Furniture removal tips

Assess your furniture items

The most important thing is to assess the items before starting any Home or Office furniture removals. Assess the space available in the new building and see if your existing furniture items can fit there. If you don’t have enough space, plant how to get rid of the extra furniture items.

You can arrange a yard sale to get rid of old, unnecessary furniture items. If you the new place is larger than the existing one and require more furniture, you should plan it at this point. Meanwhile, you need to make sure that your furniture mover provides furniture assembly facility too.

Getting rid of the additional furniture

The easiest approach is to throw away the old furniture items. However, as mentioned earlier you can have a yard sale and sell some of the usable items and earn some dollars to help your moving budget.

You can contact a disposal company to get rid of the rest of the unusable, old furniture. If you are generous enough to donate furniture items, just do it; there are plenty of charity organizations to accept such donations.

Find a furniture mover if you are not comfortable

Furniture Moving

Once the assessment is done, you will have a clear idea about the items that are left to be moved to the new location. If you have just couple of light weight items, you may not need the help of a cheap furniture removal company. However, if you are not 100% confident about handling the moving process by yourself, call a moving company. There are plenty of such companies in the industry whose rates differ from each other.

Make sure you select a well experienced, professional mover who is equipped with all the equipment and qualifications to move your furniture safely. To find a moving company, you can search in internet, ask from your friends, family members or colleagues who have recently moved or refer to newspaper ads.

Dismantle the items carefully

Modern furniture items are manufactured to be easy to dismantle. Take your time and start to dismantle items one by one. Most of these items are fastened with screws or some other technology that is easy to attach and detach when you need.

Be careful when you dismantle items that contains fragile (glass) parts. Wrap those glasses with papers or some other appropriate wrapping immediately after dismantling to prevent potential scratches and damages.

Pack your furniture is possible

If you can handle packing the furniture items, that would be great. No matter if you rely on a moving company to move your furniture away; it is better if you can pack the items by yourself. When you are directly involved with the process, the safety of the furniture is perfectly guaranteed. However, it is always important to do it leisurely without hurrying the process

Packing is completed only when they are sealed perfectly. Be sure to put a unique identification mark on all the items. It will be easy for you when unpacking. Also, you need to mark fragile items with another unique symbol, so the professional house movers will do their job perfectly.


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