How Lighting Affects Your Dining Experience

Lighting is often underrated. More often than not, spectators would credit the decors, accessories, furniture, and colour schemes for a beautifully put-together interior. Rarely do people realize at once how lighting can impact the overall look of any room or space and many times, it’s only when lighting is too bad that it can’t be overlooked.

Bad lighting can make the prettiest interiors become unappreciated, inasmuch as good lighting can further enhance an already gorgeously designed room or area. Whether it is for your home or for your business, lighting plays an indispensable role not only in improving aesthetic value, but more importantly in upholding functionality, comfort, and safety.


The dining room or area is one of the key venues in a home or in a dining establishment. At home, it serves as a communal point where the household members partake of their daily victuals together. In businesses, it becomes a basis of critique depending on the diners’ overall experience.

From that, it’s safe to say that lighting plays quite a role particularly in the dining area. The following are some of the ways in which it impacts an individual’s dining experience:

  1. Soft, warm dining lighting can uplift the mood of diners.

According to research, people who eat in an area where the lighting is soft and warm tend to eat less yet feel happier. This type of lighting is also said to enhance an individual’s satisfaction in terms of food quality.

  1. Lighting that is used correctly can give an illusion of space in small dining areas.

Worried that your dining area or restaurant might look and feel cramped? Lighting that is reflected or used to create a sense of expanse or depth will make your room look and feel roomier. Combine lights with mirrors and pieces of artwork to create your desired effect.

  1. High end dining lighting will give the area a touch of elegance and style.

Elegance is timeless; a reason why many people aim for an elegant look in their homes or business establishments. Adding a statement chandelier to your area will give it a classy and elegant finish. You should also make sure that the distance between the base and the surface of the table is properly calculated based on the height of the ceiling. This will prevent glare or too much brightness which can cause strain to the eyes.

  1. Sufficient illumination is essential for a person to clearly see what he is about to eat.

Can you imagine eating in a place where lighting is too low or dim? Nobody wants to choke on their food just because there wasn’t enough lighting for them to see the parts that are non-edible (tiny fish bones, for instance). If you think the overhead task light in your dining area does not diffuse enough light, then adding pendant lights at a safe distance over the table are likely your best bet.

While lighting is a major factor in the quality of a person’s dining experience, it is not the only matter you should give attention to. Moreover, it should harmonize with other design elements like decor, themes, and colour schemes.

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