How to Choose and Buy DIY Shutters

Windows are an important component of a house’s structure and add another dimension to its architectural beauty. Moreover, their key purpose is to let fresh air and light into the house. If you are thinking of using heavy wood for window coverings, then the purpose is completely defeated. This is where the lightweight DIY (Do It Yourself) shutters come in handy. The DIY shutters are common referred to as “,” as they have an interesting history behind the name.

These shutters were widely used in huge plantation homes in the South and were introduced by the Spanish people to the Americans, thus deriving their name as “Plantation Shutters”. They are also available in several sizes and can be customized to suit individual needs. With such an extensive range to choose from, it can be quite confusing for a layman to make an appropriate choice.

Here are a few pointers that will enable everyone to make an informed decision!

DIY Shutters

Different DIY Plantation Shutters Styles

The DIY shutters are available both for external and internal use. These are offered in various styles depending on the type of materials used and cost involved. There are three major classifications:

1. Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are an expensive option as they are made using hard wood such as cedar, poplar or alder. They offer great style and add flair to the windows.

2. Faux Wood Shutters

As the name implies, they are made from cheaper alternative sources and thus require routine maintenance as they have a tendency to fade out easily in case of constant exposure to sunlight.

3. MDF Shutters

These shutters can easily mimic the appearance of wood, but only offer a narrow range of colors and collection. With respect to costs, they fall in an average category between wood and polyvinyl.

Points To Consider Before Purchasing DIY Shutters

Deciding to install the plantation shutters by your-self is a great way to not only save some money, but also learn a few aspects of the home improvement process. Before buying the shutters, it is important to bear in mind the following aspects, as it will determine how successful you are in installing the shutter system by yourself.

  • The plantation shutters usually have a movable louver that allows the shutters to be opened and closed easily. This is a crucial factor and hence it is beneficial to buy shutters that have the largest louver. This in turn results in reducing the number of panels used which leads to more light and visibility.
  • It is essential to accurately measure the length, height, depth and width of the windows before buying the shutters. While measuring for plantation shutters, it is thus important to bear in mind that the louvers will be spaced half an inch narrower.
  • The louvers are usually available in two types: flat and elliptical. The elliptical ones are a better option as they offer more strength in handling the louver. While choosing shutters for a window that is likely to be opened and closed frequently, it is advisable to go in for the elliptical option.
  • It is also important to choose a design and style that requires the least number of panels, so as to ensure that it is pleasing to the eye and not overwhelming. You can also decide to use these shutters only for the windows that are on the exterior walls of the building.
  • Make sure to go through brochures and samples of all manufacturers and suppliers before deciding on the final choice.
  • It is also important to look into online providers as well as retailers. This will enable you to locate the best deal. Online providers can sometimes provide a discounted rate as they supply directly from manufacturers.

Top Reasons to Buy DIY Plantation Shutters

There are several reasons as to why the DIY plantation shutters are widely popular amongst people. Some of the striking causes are:

  1. They provide a way to make some savings as you install them yourself.
  2. The wide louvers make it possible to easily regulate the amount of air and light that enters the room.
  3. They are more durable than curtains and draperies as they do not go out of fashion or trend. They are always in vogue.
  4. They add an extra dimension, more flair and aesthetic appeal to the house. They give a contemporary façade to the house.
  5. They are a cost effective option when compared with luxurious draperies, but still give the rich and savvy look.
  6. Since the amount of light and air entering can be regulated, it is possible to protect the wooden flooring, furniture and carpets from exposure to direct sunlight. This will help to safeguard them from getting faded or discolored.
  7. They offer great functionality as they are easy to operate, do not collect too much dust and thus easy to maintain.

When making a decision about how to dress your windows stylishly, choose the simple and appealing DIY Plantation Shutters as they provide privacy as well as an enticing ambience!

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This post is very helpful when purchasing plantation shutters. Particularly if you don’t have any idea of what to purchase and what to consider when buying.


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