How to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Although interior design is hard on its own, decorating a small room is even more demanding as you need to arrange the décor in a way that will make the small space seem bigger and more engaging. While it is possible to create interesting designs to visually enlarge your small spaces, it will require some careful planning and precise decoration, but in the end, you can have some truly intricate and unique interior designs to spice up your room. Not only that, but you will be able to transform smaller rooms to seem a lot bigger.

Make room for everything

One of the biggest issues for any space that is small is that you will not be able to pack in a lot of things, and once you do get all your stuff inside, you will not have enough space. However, even worse than that could be the fact of unwanted clutter forming; de-cluttering your home is not at all hard, but it will require some discipline and routine in order to keep your rooms from piling up with unwanted things. Furthermore, clearing out clutter can help you relief stress and it is great for improving your organizational skills.

Utilize your space

It is not the same to have small space, and not to use the space available. You should make sure that you are using every possible part of free space in your room, otherwise you will be making it even scarcer. It is important to install shelves, cupboards, and even nooks where possible, to make it easier to put away things, and to save up on space. And in the meantime, you will be able to add some charm and style to your overall interior design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Perhaps the most common trick to use for any small space is to install mirrors in all the right places to make any room appear bigger. With mirror you can spread out, and even elongate a room, and you will be also adding some finer detail to your overall décor. But avoid using too many mirrors, as you do not want to create a circus show out of your home; and on the other hand, having a lot of mirrors in your home will devalue the design you might have been going for.

Light it up

You should consider installing proper lighting as well, because the lighting in a room cannot only make the room seem bigger, but it will also give the room a more defined atmosphere as well. But in general, you should be careful what kind of lights you will use, and how you install them. On the other hand, it would be better if you could let in as much natural sunshine as possible so that your small rooms will seem even bigger; if it is possible install more windows for natural light.

proper lighting

Your floors are important too

Having a bare flooring plan is never a good idea, as it will make your room seem smaller and less welcoming, but if you put in a few floor rugs, you will be able to add warmth and some character to the space. Moreover, if the rugs are from wall to wall, you are making the room seem longer and bigger. Remember that by even separating spaces within a room with a type of floor planning, you are making sure to make a smaller room appear even bigger as you are giving it the illusion of more space.

Small space design

All in all, it all boils down to working with what you have and how you can make the best of it. In order to create a truly unique interior design, you must be open to new ideas and you need to let your inner creativity out. Moreover, do not be afraid to experiment and to see what will suit your small room’s needs the best, but make sure that you add only light details, so that you do not overdo it. But it is most important to keep your small space clutter free and clean, so that the room will seem bigger, and it will be functional as well.

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