The Advantages of Electric Furnaces

Installing a new furnace is always a good thing; whether the old one broke unexpectedly or if you are simply upgrading your furnace, getting a new furnace for your home can be a real treat. However, there are different types, and you have to decide which fuel source is best for you as well. Sometimes the setup in the house will make that decision for you; if there is no gas supply, then a gas furnace will not do you much good, for example.

Among the options you will see are electric furnaces. These have some major advantages, including the fact that you do not need a continuous supply of something that could leak. Electric furnaces rely only on electricity, so once you turn the furnace off, it is off. There are no pilot lights, ignition switches, or gas supply lines to make you wonder if the furnace is really safe or not. With electric furnaces, you can actually save on your utility bill because you do not have electricity constantly running if the furnace is off. Compare this to a gas furnace that has a pilot light — the gas must be continually running and burning, and even at a low level, that costs you money. Electronic ignition systems take care of that issue somewhat, but you still have to have gas at the ready in the pipes for the ignition to work.

Electric furnaces are also beneficial if you have respiratory issues or chemical sensitivities. The gas — both the gas itself and the smell — can adversely affect some people with conditions like asthma, so having an electric furnace can be a blessing for those who find themselves too sensitive to use gas. Of course, if your home uses electricity only, then the choice is pretty much made for you as you have to get a furnace that you can actually use given the power supplies at your home.

electric furnace

Always talk to the contractors you have hired first to see what styles of furnace are available. The care and maintenance for each will be different, and you want to be sure you know what you are getting into when you buy electric furnaces. The contractor will likely have a suggested maintenance plan, and if the costs are reasonable, you should arrange for the contractor to come out periodically to inspect the furnace to ensure it is still in good shape.

One drawback to using electric furnaces is that if the power goes out, your heat goes out as well. If you plan to use electric furnaces to heat your home, have a backup heater, like a space heater, available for when you need it. Another option is to have your own generator to power the items in your home, though not everyone is going to have one of these or the fuel to run it for very long.

Despite that issue, electric furnaces can be very nice. They are relatively low-cost to run, they are relatively silent, and they do not take up much room. The fuel savings alone from not having to have fuel constantly burning can add up over time, even if they seem very small to begin with. Good-quality electric furnaces last a long time, and with the proper care, you could have a working furnace that does not require replacing for decades. They are also safer to work with as there is no risk of gas leaking or catching fire. While the wiring needs to be done correctly to prevent any short circuits, an electric furnace can be much easier to use safely than other types.

Goodman – 10 KW Electric Furnace

Goodman 10 KW Electric Furnace

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Ducane Complete Electric Furnace Central Forced Air

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Williams - Chimney Vent Electric Wall Furnace

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