Tips in Buying a Washing Machine – How to Choose For the Best One

Bless the genius who invented the washing machine! No longer do people have to wash their dirty clothes by rubbing them one by one against the scrubbing board; or worse, by pounding the clothes on rocks. Imagine the trauma that clothes had to suffer just so they would be squeaky clean again.

But now, we have washing machines that are more kind to our clothes and doing the laundry is no longer as laborious a task as it used to be! With so many kinds of washing machines in the market, how do you pick the best washing machine that will suit you?

We scoured several washing machine reviews and we came up with the following tips:

Buying a Washing Machine

Consider the washer type

Would you prefer a top-load or a front-load washing machine type? Front-load types uses less water, offers larger wash load capacity and are more energy-efficient compared to top-load types. Top-loaders, on the other hand, use less energy and water than the traditional washing machine. But the traditional machines cost less and are available in many sizes (the wash capacity) and various features.

Determine the capacity

How often do you wash your clothes, and how much clothes do you wash? The best washing machine for you to choose is the one with the right load capacity for your laundry. It’s a good idea to get the weight of your typical laundry and match it with the machine capacity. They usually come in regular (up to 16 pounds) or large (up to 20 pounds) capacity washer.

Check the features

Nowadays, washing machines come in many different hues to blend with your other house appliances. They have even made intelligent enough to load water on its own, automatically dispense detergent, bleach and fabric conditioner, and to dry the clothes. How convenient, isn’t it? What’s more some even have steam cleaning features and that cool soft-touch controls. But ask yourself if you really need and will use those added features. If the features go well with your needs, then it’s the best washing machine to go for. Remember, you are going to pay extra for said features, and it will be a waste to pay for something you would not actually use.

Think about the operation cost

Average washing machine use water up to 40 gallons, which is more than twice the amount than those made after 1999. Washing machine reviews recommend choosing washing machines with a Star rating by the U.S. department of Energy.

Don’t disregard the space

Measure the space where you plan to put the washing machine as well as the access areas and doorways; jot it all down and take the measuring tape with you on the day you shop for washing machine.

These are some of the basic considerations you should keep in mind when buying a washing machine. Even the best washing machine breaks down. The best brand is not enough guarantee that a washing machine will serve its purpose for a certain period of time.

When proper care is not observed, a washer can malfunction. Even a new unit will bog down if it was able to find its way to the market despite its failure to pass quality control. Some washing machine reviews also suggest checking the noise level and the temperature regulators. But don’t forget the warranty know the extent of warranty coverage and terms!

In recent years, top loading washing machine makers have come up with High Efficiency models. These new breed of top loaders has assimilated in its features those that are present in front loading machines.

According to many washing machine reviews, some of the differences that were present in standard top loaders vis–vis front loaders have been virtually eliminated. Choosing for the best is an easy if you have read reviews about the product before buying it.

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PC Richard & Son - July 6, 2013

Washing machines are perhaps the most important appliance that we have in our homes.These are really nice tips for buying washing machine and i have got useful information from your post

Gregory Willard - June 8, 2016

Our washing machine just recently started to give us some issues. I had no idea that you should take into consideration the operation costs. I always assumed that you went and looked at the best machine and then see if it worked in your home. Great tips, thanks.


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