Five Reasons to Declutter Your Home

Whether you live in a large family house or a more compact studio apartment, having a declutter every now and again can really help you keep on top of your belongings. And it is about more than just following the latest minimalist interior design trends, a good declutter can help you and your home in other ways too.

Making extra space

You might not consider yourself a hoarder as such, but it is amazing how quickly you can accumulate things. From old folders and workbooks left over from school or college, those DVDs and video games that do not seem to be watched or played anymore and if you have kids then you are likely to have a huge amount of toys, clothes and baby equipment lying around too. Taking the plunge and ruthlessly going through all your clutter will soon sort things out and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you free some much needed space and make your spare rooms usable again.

Declutter Your Home

Make some cash

Do not assume you have to throw everything away either, instead make three different piles – one for the rubbish or recycling, one for charity and one for items that you can sell. Why not make some money from the things you no longer use? From old mobile phones and computer equipment to DVDs and music CDs, sell items you don’t need and you could have a little extra spending money as well as some extra space.

Clear the mind

It may sound ridiculous but a good clear out at home can really help to give your mind some clarity too. Whether you are holding on to old memories or simply find it hard to live around the mess, a good declutter can make you feel like a new person. There is something about saying goodbye to old, unused items that really takes a weight off your shoulders and makes you feel lighter, therefore a decluttered home creates a clearer soul.

You and your home will be more productive

There are many studies that prove that a clear and tidy work space makes for a more efficient worker and this reasoning is relevant in your home too. Having all your space and belongings organised, accessible and taking up less space means your home life is more likely to run smoothly. Whether that is just being able to find the kids hats and gloves before the school run or just having an organised space to pay the bills, a decluttered home is a more efficient and productive one.

You could be helping others

We all have items that could probably be used again but might not be sell-able and if that is the case at your house then consider passing things on to charity. Items such as furniture or working appliances could be given to charity shops and sold on to benefit others. Not only will you free up the space in your home but you will get joy from knowing you are helping others as well as giving your unwanted items a second lease of life.

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